Moments with momy

A lifetime spent with a mom cannot be encapsulated in a few words, but snapshots of few precious moments linger fresh in my memory. Mom had set notions about
appropriate things that should be done at a
certain age. ……and yeah, these notions were
time insulated, restricted to thinking that was
prevalent between the 50s and 80s.
My 50th birthday was one such momentous occasion. I went to seek blessings from mommy and looked forward to the customary gift she gave me each year on my birthday.
Sure enough, out came a package, all gift wrapped, with the usual dialogue mom always
told……. ….” you are a Lakshmi putri (daughter of the Goddess of Wealth) and have all that you want and more in life. But I’m your
Poor mommy and can’t afford to give you very
expensive gifts, so this is my gift and my
blessing.” This year she seemed very keen
that I open the gift right there in front of her.
As I did so, I found that she had gifted me with
a small mantra chanting machine called
Divine box. A little surprised, i looked up at her
and before I could thank her or say anything
to her, she interjected and told me in no
uncertain terms ” Now you are no longer
young, your already 50 and it’s about time that
you changed your lifestyle and started getting
more religious and pious. So this gift is the
first step in that direction. When you wake up
in the morning, you must listen to god’s name
first, so play this and listen to it. ”
Today, mommy is no more, but the divine box sitting on my head board is a constant reminder of her words told to me and yeah…. I must confess, I do listen to it, but not as frequently as mommy would’ve liked me to. It’s amazing how, when we relive a memory, the face of the person, the tone of their voice and their expression stays engraved on it.
Miss you so so so much, mommy


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